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Principals Equity and PGV Advisors Partner to Provide Clients with an Integrated Solution to Unlock Their Value and Identify Sources of Capital to Drive Growth

PRESS RELEASE Download Press Release New York, NY – February 13, 2018 – Principals Equity and PGV Advisors announced today that they are partnering to provide their mid-market clients with a one-stop-shop solution for helping them to prepare for the next stage in their growth. By bringing together PGV Advisors’ expertise in business profit improvement and Principals Equity’s expertise in sourcing the right type of capital, clients will benefit from improved revenue growth, cash flow and profitability. “Many leaders don’t have the right network or access to capital they need to help unlock the potential growth for their business. That’s where we come in,” said Sameer Mittal, Founder, Principals Equity. “Our 20 years of experience as bankers, operators, connectors and investors has led us to understand what businesses really need to grow and who they need to connect with to make that growth happen. By partnering with PGV Advisors, we’re able to go even deeper into the business to understand the needs and ensure the right capital structure is being put in place.” “So much time is spent on the development of strategic plans, but then the senior management team lacks the  time and team to focus on implementing those plans.  This is where we see growth stall,” said Chris Clabby, Principal, PGV Advisors. “By partnering with Principals Equity, we can bring together a solution that helps our clients identify their potential areas for growth and make sure they’re funded with the right sources of capital to achieve them. A one-stop-shop for them.” About Principals Equity Principals Equity leverages deep relationships and experience with private equity firms, entrepreneurial ventures, Fortune 100 companies, and personal networks to bring financial, operational, relationship building and deal flow expertise to those who work with us. With a focus across Manufacturing, Business Services, Real Estate [...]

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Decisions Which Effect the Bottom Line: Organizational Usage of Social Technology

Mid to large sized organizations have demonstrated several trends, some which have been highly beneficial for their internal and external repertoire. When exploring the concept of marketing strategy and organizational strategy as a whole, learning from use trends of social technology can help enhance the decisions that can be made within your organization. Successfully utilizing social technology has been proven to lower marketing expenditures and increase intellectual capital. Even though the years past has brought on a lot of changes and slow transitions into the social tech the circle, the overall adaptation has met its peak. There is a visible plateau when you examine the choice of use of social technology. The beginning stages started with companies experimenting with sites like YouTube to reach younger consumers whereas no some have launched initiatives that co-create the technology strategy in using their own targeted demographic pathways. For broad communication, the staple platforms in social tech stand firm. On the social networking side it remains sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, tied with integration of micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter. With the traditional blogging platform, the common habit is to have a strong beginning fueled with enthusiasm, followed by slower updates of great information. The view towards blogging is that it is becoming one-dimensional, despite the heavy opportunity to carve strong niches for one’s brand still existing. Successful companies who blog accomplish this by creating a surplus of high quality value information that is accessible to all. Wiki’s and sites with a similar function have had less of a positive impact on the marketing dynamics for brands. Social technology platforms have a proven proof of concept by constantly expanding their integration methods across platforms which allow companies to interact with customers. Linking those same customers on networks where the organizations employees and outside [...]

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Hidden Profitability in the Business of Chemicals

Many view the chemical category as a market which is very commoditized, with standard pricing commonly accepted. With a category such as chemicals, does this have to be the norm? When examined it is discovered that there is a large underdeveloped opportunity for savings within chemicals. When companies allocate a huge amount of energy to sell larger quantities and towards developing strategies to reduce costs, they tend to spend less attention on establishing price. Due to the nature of this industry being to sell by way of partnership, upper management holds a standard belief that the price leakage cannot be controlled through their sales force. It is also common to see companies sourcing chemicals with internal management viewing pricing as an isolated activity without the need for re-visitation. “We solidified pricing 5 years ago” With this mindset and approach comes a foregoing of a large upside potential. Pricing which is unrealized presents a large opportunity for companies in the chemical field, but the paradigm shift must take place before they can venture to improve pricing models. Price development requires the development of the right internal skills that acquire the unrealized price. On the customer side when purchasing “commodities”, consider a few things such as the supplier relationship, the supplier’s reliability and the supplier’s value of service provided. On average, chemical businesses can achieve enhanced pricing capabilities within 12 to 18 months. The root of this change begins with focused effort and ongoing support from senior leadership. “Any major changes in mid to large sized corporations will have to be undergirded by senior leadership. Change management is a top-down activity,” Sam Datta, Principal of PGV Advisors proclaims. Once the internal cross functional team defines their profitability versus how their actual price differs from the one they’ve set; once they have understood [...]

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A Category Comprehensive Key To Unlock Quick Savings

What is the only valid reason as to why your business has not experienced significant savings and revenue growth in the past few years? What's the real reason your company's savings potentials are not being explored on a comprehensive level? What justifies a low target towards your savings capacity? A decision. A simple decision is the only reason as to why your company may not be experiencing valid savings and revenue growth. Once you make the decision to achieve your potentials as it relates to revenue, you will find the whole world that exemplifies "savings". One sure path towards the road of maximizing true potential is through a proven track record method which will cover all of your 15 categories, as it relates to indirect categorical spend. The PGV consortia program is one that several top companies among various industries stand firm behind. This savings program is simple, tactical and yields rapid results. The PGV consortia program not only maximizes leverage to obtain the same pricing as on organization with 10 times more of your spend volume, but it is a guaranteed way to achieve rapid savings. The goals of the consortia leverage aggregate pricing in volume-driven categories so that you get the best possible service levels and pricing with leading suppliers. The categorical comprehensive consortia program requires 2 steps of implementation: Step 1: Assess Opportunity.  PGV executes the confidentiality (NDA) agreement with the supplier or potential strategic partner, then performs data collection, completes a current state assessment with a benchmark total cost model Step 2: Deliver/Realize Savings.  Once you decide to join, we execute supplier onboarding and implement Category Management. All it takes is your decision of participation. We will drive the rest. Within this proven track record, up 40% of savings have been achieved among indirect categories such as office and general supplies and promotional [...]

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Procurement and the “As-a-Service” Movement

  With the challenge being central to procurement organizations is to do more and save more, strategic solutions must also bring more value to the bottom line and adapt to an "As-a-Service" movement. Through time and experience of working with a multitude of clients across industries, we know that companies must do more than simply "control spend". They must create and implement a strategic plan that will promote growth and value in all aspects and not just in procurement. Learn more through this podcast on what procurement "As-a-Service" looks like and the reasons why it is a unique method and not just an outsourcing activity. Co-Founder and Principal of PGV Advisors, Christopher Clabby, has shared his expert insight during this podcast which will stimulate the ideas of potential that may be waiting to surface within your own procurement team. Watch & Listen Now  

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How to Make Your Customer’s Experience About True Value

Despite well intended plans, many corporate efforts often end up creating a path to weakening the customer experience. How does a company truly avoid a failed user experience? Executives and Senior Management often recognize the advantage of strategies that are rooted in the customer experience because of the reaping of benefits: dedicated and loyal customers, satisfied users, lower budgets for errors and happier frontline employees. However, when it comes to a clear and figurative understanding of the worth of a positive customer experience as it relates to value, many leaders do not know what 10 points of the net promoter score is actually contributing to the value of their revenues.   How to Avoid Lofty Decisions Towards Your Customer’s Experience Strategy Broad targeted goals to improve the user experience are often launched by experience leaders. Lofty initiatives are mandated by executives with disruptive or unsustainable strategies, which at times fail to address various differences in which their customers are, economically. These initiatives can counteract with business policies that are already established within a company culture and can also challenge the dynamics of existing cross-functional teams. When the actual figurative understanding of the value is not linked along with a viable business case, some strategic decisions behind such initiatives often fail without showing quick wins. In cases such as this, implementation is nearly set up to not meet the goals.   Solid Data Analysis, Market Research & a Methodological Approach These 3 keys lead to a more successful path, which we discovered by hands on experience. All three concepts often lead to early, quick wins which successfully remove costs from the system that are unnecessary and then simplify the overall business. With the “quick win” savings, using those funds towards supporting other initiatives are ideal. It is these initiatives which will require more exhaustive [...]

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