Average Yearly Savings Achieved: 5% to 30%

Today’s increasingly global and diverse business environment is opening up new markets, customer populations, and areas of growth opportunities. However, it also creates new and unique risk management challenges, which can limit an organization’s ability or desire to take advantage of these opportunities.

The PGV Risk Management and Insurance Team Are Experts that assess risk across a wide range of areas, design plans to mitigate that risk while optimizing insurance coverage and minimizing spend.

We help our clients better understand their risk profile so they can confidently pursue new revenue driving frontiers and grow in new markets, while improving their ROI by driving down their total cost of risk.

Areas of Expertise

Employee Benefits

Workman’s Compensation Plans

General Liability

Privacy and Data Security

How do we help our clients achieve this?

Our integrated service delivery team can dissect all the various elements and components of your risk management & insurance program, and help you identify root causes of cost drivers that are driving up your total cost of risk. Due to diverse changes in our business environment, these root causes are often hidden and loss incidents/causes can be almost equally attributed to cultural differences (lost in translation), as well as standard mechanical, engineering, and human behavior failures.

We bring together a team of resources comprising of individuals with unique skill sets that include:

  • a culturally diverse background with fluency in multiple languages/cultures
  • a global network via partnerships with the world’s largest and most specialized risk management service providers and private equity firms, with offices in over 160 countries
  • proven knowledge and ongoing experience in complex, evolving risk management issues

Value Proposition

Everything is possible when you can manage or take away the risk. As such, when it comes to expanding and protecting your brand, we invite you to learn how we can help YOU meet and exceed your goals!

Contact Paul Marchena, our leading expert and Managing Director of Risk Management and Insurance Optimization.