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Accounts Payable Recovery


In North America alone, billions of dollars in inadvertent payment errors occur each year – a figure expected to increase 5% annually. Recovering bottom line profits, identifying root causes and implementing process improvement solutions is imperative to achieving your company’s full potential.

There are inadvertent overpayments made by every company in their procure to pay process that can be recovered with, a positive impact to EB1DTA / Expenses.

For example: Unclaimed credits from returns, duplicate payments, rebates, discounts not taken, sales & use tax overpayments, recovering unclaimed property, escheatment avoidance, etc.

We have the technology, audit software tools and experienced auditors to review 100% of the historical transactions for 3-5 years and recover these tost profits (or not for profit expenses.)

On average, .1% of spend and 10-30 x that for sales & use tax can be recovered.

No budget required… It’s all done on a contingency basis – “No recoveries, no fees”


We also will recommend “Best Practice” to reduce or eliminate future overpayments.

We are sensitive to the confidentiality of your data, your staffs time and your supplier relationship.

We have worked with many Fortune 1,000 companies.

What we need to get started

45 minutes to an hour to acquaint you with our team, our company, our offerings and our qualifications.

Contacts today to learn more.