Solutions to Realize Quick Savings (Plug and Save)

What if there was a way to address your tactical, indirect categories while at the same time maximizing your leverage to ensure you have the same pricing as an organization with 10 times your spend volume?


There is a way, and it’s the quickest and easiest way to see rapid recurring savings: join a consortia program from PGV Consortia.

PGV’s consortia programs are a quick solution for our clients to realize rapid or additional savings.  The consortia leverages aggregate pricing in volume-driven categories so that you get the best possible service levels and pricing with leading suppliers.

Our simple, two-step implementation process is quick and straightforward:

  • Step 1: Assess Opportunity.  We execute the confidentiality (NDA) agreement, then perform data collection, current state assessment and benchmark total cost model
  • Step 2: Deliver/Realize Savings.  Once you decide to join, we execute supplier onboarding and implement Category Management. PGV has partnered with industry-leading suppliers to bring you world-class services and pricing in the following categories:
Categories of Spend Range of Savings Delivered
a)     Telecom (Data, Voice, Wireless) 10% to 35%
b)    Freight (Parcel, LTL, TL, Ocean) 7% to 22%
c)     Insurance (Health, Property, Liability, D&O and Others) 8% to 15%
d)    Facilities Solutions (Janitorial and Building Cleaning Supplies) 6% to 35%
e)     Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) 4% to 24%
f)      Office Supplies 7% to 40%
g)    Office Equipment (Printer, Fax Machines, Copy Machines) 5% to 15%
h)    Promotional Products 10% to 40%
i)      Travel (Auto Rentals, Hotels, etc.) 5% to 25%
j)      Legal Services 8% to 30%
k)     Contract/Temporary Labor 4% to 16%
l)      Document Management (Shredding and Storage) 10% to 20%
m)   Computer Hardware (Laptop, Desktop, Servers, etc.) 5% to 15%
n)    Computer Supplies/Peripherals 8% to 20%
o)    IT/Technical Consultants 6% to 25%

Contact us in order to receive more details about us and this program: