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New York, NY – February 13, 2018 – Principals Equity and PGV Advisors announced today that they are partnering to provide their mid-market clients with a one-stop-shop solution for helping them to prepare for the next stage in their growth. By bringing together PGV Advisors’ expertise in business profit improvement and Principals Equity’s expertise in sourcing the right type of capital, clients will benefit from improved revenue growth, cash flow and profitability.

“Many leaders don’t have the right network or access to capital they need to help unlock the potential growth for their business. That’s where we come in,” said Sameer Mittal, Founder, Principals Equity. “Our 20 years of experience as bankers, operators, connectors and investors has led us to understand what businesses really need to grow and who they need to connect with to make that growth happen. By partnering with PGV Advisors, we’re able to go even deeper into the business to understand the needs and ensure the right capital structure is being put in place.”

“So much time is spent on the development of strategic plans, but then the senior management team lacks the  time and team to focus on implementing those plans.  This is where we see growth stall,” said Chris Clabby, Principal, PGV Advisors. “By partnering with Principals Equity, we can bring together a solution that helps our clients identify their potential areas for growth and make sure they’re funded with the right sources of capital to achieve them. A one-stop-shop for them.”

About Principals Equity

Principals Equity leverages deep relationships and experience with private equity firms, entrepreneurial ventures, Fortune 100 companies, and personal networks to bring financial, operational, relationship building and deal flow expertise to those who work with us. With a focus across Manufacturing, Business Services, Real Estate and Information Technology, Principals Equity can help with operations management, capital investment, acquisitions, funding, capital raising activity, impact investing and family office management. For more information visit

*Any capital activity is done by Sameer Mittal as a registered representative with Seedchange Execution Services, a FINRA registered broker dealer.

About PGV Advisors

PGV is a boutique advisory firm with a focus on delivering greater profitability and cash flow for our clients. We bring seasoned executives with experience in a wide range of experience of successfully driving growth along with access to capital to help fund growth. Our team operates out of offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Tampa and India. For more information, please visit



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