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Accounts Payable Outsourcing

According to study completed by the Accounts Payable Network a “Best in Class” organization can process a vendor invoice for about $2.73 while the average company is spending 3X to 4X times that amount?

Why is the difference so significant?
Because the “Best in Class” have invested in technology and process. But for most organizations, investing in the tools necessary to be best in class isn’t practical.

There is an option. PGV will create a solution that can provide you best in class process for less than it is costing you today. In addition, we can have you up and running in a short amount of time and there is no upfront capital investment required.

Benefits to you of outsourcing:

1. Quicker invoice process time provides increased savings through early pay discounts
2. Variable model – ability to scale up quickly as your business grows
3. Better workflow and control of source data
4. Reduce processing costs by up to 50%