Technology has become fundamental to the way companies do business, and plays a critical role in every aspect of business operations. With the growth of the importance and role of technology in the operations of many enterprises, the associated costs and risks have increased. Accordingly, so have the opportunities to leverage operations and technology investments to reduce operating costs, create new competitive advantage, and ultimately drive increased value of the business.

Our Operations & Technology Advisory team is dedicated to helping organizations:

Assess the effectiveness of their current operations organization, Leverage improvements to increase business performance, Spend less on operations and technology and Improve profitability of the organization.

We assist businesses in the areas of Technology-Enabled Business Performance Improvement, Transaction Support, and Sourcing.

Technology-Enabled Business Performance Improvement

The PGV team has assisted organizations in a wide range of industries with the following:

Performance Improvement, Operations and Technology Needs Assessment
Operations & Technology Performance Improvement Roadmap
Technology-Enabled Business Process Redesign
Supply Chain Assessment and Design
On-Demand Operations & Technology Advice and Guidance

PGV Advisors’ Operations and Technology Performance Improvement delivers increased competitive advantage, lower operating costs, and more formal service level commitments.

Operations and Technology Transaction Support

Pre-Transaction Operations & Technology Due Diligence
Pre-Closing Operations & Technology Carve-Out and Integration Planning
Post-Transaction Operations & Technology Integration Planning and Execution
Portfolio Company Operations & Technology Performance Improvement
Turnaround Operations & Technology Triage and Planning

PGV Advisors’ Operations and Technology Transaction Support delivers increased protection, greater financial accuracy, reduced capital requirements, fewer surprises, and increased competitive advantage.

Operations and Technology Sourcing

PGV Advisors’ Operations and Technology Sourcing delivers a manageable and sustainable provider selection process as well as a faster, more effective, and less costly sourcing management processes.

Provider service evaluations
Price comparison matrices
Requirement templates
Interview guides
Provider profiles
Trackers for projects, performance, and compliance

PGV is dedicated to helping ensure that your operations are designed to support the growth of your organization.

Get in touch with our Operations and Technology leading expert, Matthew Podowitz for your organization.