potentialWhat is the only valid reason as to why your business has not experienced significant savings and revenue growth in the past few years? What’s the real reason your company’s savings potentials are not being explored on a comprehensive level?

What justifies a low target towards your savings capacity?

A decision. A simple decision is the only reason as to why your company may not be experiencing valid savings and revenue growth. Once you make the decision to achieve your potentials as it relates to revenue, you will find the whole world that exemplifies “savings”.

One sure path towards the road of maximizing true potential is through a proven track record method which will cover all of your 15 categories, as it relates to indirect categorical spend. The PGV consortia program is one that several top companies among various industries stand firm behind. This savings program is simple, tactical and yields rapid results.

The PGV consortia program not only maximizes leverage to obtain the same pricing as on organization with 10 times more of your spend volume, but it is a guaranteed way to achieve rapid savings. The goals of the consortia leverage aggregate pricing in volume-driven categories so that you get the best possible service levels and pricing with leading suppliers.

The categorical comprehensive consortia program requires 2 steps of implementation:

NDA1Step 1: Assess Opportunity.  PGV executes the confidentiality (NDA) agreement with the supplier or potential strategic partner, then performs data collection, completes a current state assessment with a benchmark total cost model

Step 2: Deliver/Realize Savings Once you decide to join, we execute supplier onboarding and implement Category Management. All it takes is your decision of participation. We will drive the rest.

Within this proven track record, up 40% of savings have been achieved among indirect categories such as office and general supplies and promotional products. Many of the top indirect categories that achieve a high level of savings are travel, telecom, freight, facility solutions among others.

The nature of the economical market is challenging during this time. Working with a collaborative team of individuals with the common goal of achieving savings and boosting revenue is well worth the time, simple and wise decision of exploring the program.