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As a Managing Director of PGV Advisors, Mr. McDonald focuses on the aviation and transportation sectors. His main areas of expertise are: transportation, business planning and development, restructuring, mergers, finance, marketing, negotiations and fleet / network planning.

He led all aspects of fleet decisions at several major US Airlines and a global helicopter company. While successfully acquiring over 450 aircraft worth over $ 8 billion dollars, he developed several new techniques and processes to optimize fleet and business decisions from a P&L and operational perspective in both the short and long-term.

While being directly involved in two successful restructuring of two major US Airlines as a key member of the executive team, Mr. McDonald started Compass Airlines, a leading Regional Carrier flying more than 4+ million passengers annually. In addition, he successfully negotiated contracts with many global OEMs and continued to get “best in class” results.

Mr. McDonald has a proven track record of growing revenues, while reducing costs to improve profitability. He has improved annual profits at several companies by $1+ billion dollars over the course of his career. Further, he managed budgets up to $1.5 Billion, while always developing new techniques to improve business planning and management.

Mr. McDonald has  held senior executive positions at: Aviation Fleet Group, Northwest Airlines, US Airways, Delta, CHC Helicopter, DHL and Compass Airlines.