Process Improvement – Stores (Warehouse) Backlog

//Process Improvement – Stores (Warehouse) Backlog
Process Improvement – Stores (Warehouse) Backlog2019-05-21T18:30:08+00:00

Company Overview: $1.5B Aviation Operator & Repair Center

Process Improvement

Performance Issue

Primary Stores activities were not tracked, measured or reported. Excessive delays created part shortages and increased transportation costs.
Receive 35 Days
Pick 18 Days
Ship 82 Days

Improvement Approach

  • Improved material flow and modified work area layout
  • Installed visual displays to track daily performance vs. plan
  • Implemented a Resource Capacity planning tool
  • Trained and coached manager in use of active management practices


Stores activities are closely monitored and employee assignments are flexed to meet changing demand.

Receive   1 Day

Pick         1 Day

Ship        5 Days