Process Improvement-Reduce Cycle Time

//Process Improvement-Reduce Cycle Time
Process Improvement-Reduce Cycle Time2019-05-21T17:32:30+00:00

Company Overview: $1.5B Aviation Operator & Repair Center

Process Improvement

Performance Issue

  • There was a large backlog on materials being left on the receiving area and not visible in the system. This caused issues with material availability and potential lost sales.


Cycle Time = 20.7Days

Improvement Approach

  • Process mapped the workflow and created flow charts.
  • Identified major bottlenecks
  • Identified communication issues.
  • Eliminated not value added activities (i.e. box level vs. part level.
  • Changed shifts (Better access to equipment & shelves)
  • Changed resource allocation (dedicated team)


  • We were able to reduce cycle time by 40%.
  • Materials were put on the system 8 days faster on average.

This while number and size of the RCF were increasing.


Cycle Time = 9 Days