Process Improvement- Distributor Sales Efficiency

//Process Improvement- Distributor Sales Efficiency
Process Improvement- Distributor Sales Efficiency2019-05-21T18:06:34+00:00

Company Overview: $400M Distributor of motors

Process Improvement

Performance Issue

  • There is considerable revenue potential from the increased capture of Lost Sales.
  • High producing salespersons focused on low value customers
  • ¬†Little follow-up on inquires not immediately turned in orders

Improvement Approach

  • Process mapped the workflow and created flow charts.
  • Created Quote Entry Forms to capture key process data
  • Captured 100% of Quotes for 4 week period for 2 sales persons Identified areas for improvement
  • Compiled findings and initial analysis


  • Opportunity for Improvement around follow-up sales inquiries
  • Opportunity to better delegate duties among top sales staff
  • Implement caller ID system in A+
  • Segregate Customers vs. Projects
  • Implement & track KPIs
  • Implement a process to monitor Quotes vs. buyouts, and stock items
  • Capturing 10% of lost sales would double revenue