Process Improvement – MRO Costs & Turn-Around Time

//Process Improvement – MRO Costs & Turn-Around Time
Process Improvement – MRO Costs & Turn-Around Time2019-05-21T18:55:50+00:00

Company Overview: $1.5B Aviation Operator & Repair Center

Process Improvement

Performance Issue

The previous 12 gearboxes were completed using old process or a mix of new and old.
Avg. 799 Hours TAT 174 Days

Improvement Approach

  • Assessed current work area layout, flow & process
  • Developed VSM & created improvement plan
  • Conducted series of structured kaizens
  • Began routine audits to continuously improve


The last 3 gearboxes were completed wholly within newly implemented processes.
Avg. 626 Hours TAT 34 Days

Process Innovation created an opportunity for management to:
– Increase revenue, without additional labor, or
– Reduce labor, to maintain efficiencies, or

  • Reduce WIP and return the overhauled unit to service more quickly
  • 17% in savings by April 2010.