Customer Satisfaction – Metrics & Root Cause Analysis

//Customer Satisfaction – Metrics & Root Cause Analysis
Customer Satisfaction – Metrics & Root Cause Analysis2019-05-21T19:35:49+00:00

Company Overview: $1.5B Aviation Operator & Repair Center

Process Improvement


  • Sales team was receiving customer complaints about wait time

Improvement Approach

  • Conducted an informal Customer/Driver Survey
  • Created a flow chart and interviewed staff for improvement opportunities
  • Worked with IT staff to create a wait time system
  • Made role and responsibilities recommendations to Warehouse management
  • Trained employee on reporting and metrics systems
  • Implemented active management system to track issues


  • Changed roles
  • Changed Process
  • Implemented Customer Sign in sheet to capture wait time metrics
  • Implemented a Root cause management process and Report to identify and track problem orders
  • Now have systems and measurements in place to facilitate continuous improvement