Cost Saving – Network and Telecom

//Cost Saving – Network and Telecom
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Company Overview: $3B Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Firm

Company Overview

A global industrial engineering and manufacturing firm. The company is present with over 170 production and service sites around the world. It has more than 15,000 employees in over 40 countries. The annual revenue is $3B.

Business Facts

  • Cost reduction in Global network and Telecom.

Solution Deployed

  • Immediate cost reduction by comparing actual contracts & agreements established with service providers and verify billed rates, service charges and additional costs against previously specified terms & conditions
  • RfP sent to current and potential vendors universe for best price.

Results delivered

  • Reduce 22% per year in Asia-Pacific  region by challenge/decommissioning existing MPLS lines, using existing Internet lines.
  • Reduced cost in Mexico land line by consolidating lines by 31% per year.
  • Saved application hosting service fees in US by 16% per year.
  • Reduced Vodafone Mobile & Land line in Germany  by 23% per year.
  • 32%K cost reduction by closing current accounts and route them to Skype for business.