Cost Saving – Back Office Outsourcing

//Cost Saving – Back Office Outsourcing
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Company Overview: $1.5B Aviation Operator & Repair Center

Business Background & Facts

  • Large Helicopter operator and repair center
  • 250 people in finance
  • 160 people in supply chain
  • 160 people in global warehousing
  • 75 people tech records
  • 72 people in global training with $13m invested asset

Solution Deployed

  • Identify external companies whose core competencies are back office management and global training provider
  • Include management team and receive their buy in with ROI

Results delivered

  • Outsourced warehousing function to a 4PL global freight company and saved $4m per year
  • Recouped 80% of book value
  • Improved cash flow
  • Brokered planned large purchases and reduced product cost by 10%